Marilyn ''Po, Po, Pe, Do''  Singing Telegram Chicago

Marilyn ''Po, Po, Pe, Do'' Singing Telegram Chicago
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Tel: 847-825-5558

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Welcome to Marilyn ''Po, Po, Pe, Do'' Singing Telegrams Singing Telegram Impersonator Chicago
Phone: 847-825-5558
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend .......
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Marilyn Singing Telegram  One Of Our Top Celebrity Impersonator Singing Telegram, 

<BGSOUND SRC=Marilyn Singing Telegram One Of Our Top Celebrity Impersonator Singing Telegram,
Marilyn Is One Of Our Top Celebrity Impersonator Singing Telegram,
She Sings Live To PO, ...
Marilyn and Friends...Elvis with Marilyn, Two Great  Performers, Either One A Great Impersonation.
<a><BGSOUND src=Marilyn and Friends...Marilyn, Elvis, Cher,Great Performers, Either Or A Great Impersonation.
Marilyn, Elvis, Cher, perfect for that "special" ...
More Mature Marilyn....
<BGSOUND src=Marilyn In Feathered Cape A More Mature Performer....
Perfect For The Mature Gentleman...
Nationwide Singing TelegramsNationwide Singing Telegrams
Call Our Toll Free International 1-800- 866 -7464 EXT. 5752 . Singing Telegrams Are Available in Most ...

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